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Hi There

Been months since you’ve heard from me? My bad. I don’t know what it is, I’m just a little too lazy when it comes to actually blogging. Sorry! You know when you go to youtube, then realize it’s tomorrow? …anyway, lets continue!

Mandrake9 Mandrake

Well Harry Potter had some if it correct. I kind of love when fantasy books base their ideas on real history. In ancient Europe it was said that the man like root would scream once pulled and kill the harvester. This of course is just a story as I firmly believe it would be impossible. Yes I know, a skeptical witch. I believe in ghosts, fairies and that I got my friend pregnant with a potion…but not a deadly scream from a plant.

Peters, Hermann.
Pictorial History of Ancient Pharmacy. 3rd ed.
Chicago: G. P. Englehard, 1902, c.1899.
Ebling Library call number RS 61 P48

In its earlier days, the plant was used as a sedative and a pain killer…but a killer it was. Ingest too much and the plant would be fatal. Mandrake, being in the atropa genus and nightshade family, is highly poisonous. Does atropa and nightshade look familiar? Any herbal loving, potion making witch should know it instantly. Yes, mandrake is related to Atropa Belladonna, or Deadly Nightshade (one of my favorites). Another amazing sedative that will instantly kill you if you use too much. Oh the amazing sleeping potion I could make…*cough* don’t do it, I don’t recommend it at all! (though it totally works)

Through my studies I’ve seen a LOT of spells for love using mandrake, probably due to it’s “human-like” nature. I guess if you squint, they kind of look like human bodies. I’ve of course have never pulled one from the Earth, but hey maybe. The beauty behind this herb is its attractive and repellent nature. How is this possible you ask? Mandrake is a wonderful catalyst, it just depends on what you put with it. You can use it to attract love, attract wealth and good fortune, or you can use it to repel evil or attacks, be them magickal or physical.

Try adding the root to your conjure bags or powders and see if it gives it the extra boost you need. I know I use mine all the time. I have a very special money charm I use that works very well. Mandrake is the key ingredient in this, aided by cinnamon and bay. If you have had luck with mandrake, let me know in the comments what you’ve done with it, I’d love to hear about it!

Alright my magickal friends, I hope to see you soon. I’ll try to find more ideas to blog about and hope you enjoy them!

sweet serenity,



Never The Will – A DMagick Poem

Never The Will

by D. Tovar

Never the will of the man of the many

That allows his heart to bleed

No thought is sought, nor memory recalled

To plant this hurtful seed

Never the will of this man or any

That sends one’s mind to sleep

What night reveals and does not shield

Locked inside the man does keep

Never the will of the man of the many

To find the mate of one man’s soul

He sits in sorrow and sobs insanely

With not the ability to keep control

Never the will of this man or any

That allows himself to feel

Though never the will of the man, again

Permits his heart to heal

Always the will of the man of the plenty

To find his one true mate

When half meets whole, the missing soul

The will of the man is led by fate


I was in the writing mood while writing my book and this poem started to pop into my head so I pushed to finish it. I know exactly what I meant and was wondering if any of you can decode it. Let me know if you understand what I’m saying and what the point of the poem is 🙂 Thank you for reading!

sweet serenity,


You Aren’t The One – A DMagick Poem

Greetings to all my readers!

I was inspired to write another poem. I had forgotten how amazing it feels to just get the words down. What I like to do when I write is just let words flow…sometimes I have an idea of where I want to poem to go…but..there are times (like tonight) that it just goes where it wants to, and I let it happen haha.

This is called you aren’t the one. There are always people in your life that you fall for, but you know deep down inside that they aren’t right for you. They don’t feel for you as you do for them, sometimes it is like they don’t even care about you at all. It may feel this way, but sometimes that isn’t true. They just don’t care for you like you want them to. It hurts…trust me I know, but usually it is for the best.

My writing style is a little…erratic? maybe? I didn’t want to say crazy, but some lines have the “wtf” moment I’m sure…but anyway..here it is. I hope you enjoy!


You Aren’t The One

with all the lives, the eyes around me
still you don’t see, still you don’t care
as if to bear the pain you stare
right through me
you look right through me, not to me
I have a voice, it speaks so loudly
but still you don’t hear, why don’t you hear
is it the fear that you hold near?
The words I express all end in a mess
if only I could feel inside what is real
with all the pain like a stain on my shirt
I wish you could see, In the night, I’m your light
I try to cleanse my soul as I write
but these words are rotten
and will soon be forgotten
just your eyes had begun my demise
my heart fell before I could catch it
broken on the wooden floor it lays
and there it stays
for an eternity of days
until the one comes near to snatch it

I’m really hoping it conveys my feelings. If you want further explanation feel free to ask. I’m glad I got this one out there. My next blog will be on a healing spell I created. I haven’t gotten to use it yet so I really need the feedback. Stay strong readers…

sweet serenity,


Love, Addicted – A DMagick Poem

Love, Addicted

love, addicted
never experienced
I yearn for you
I dream for you
I desperately seek you.
everyday the sun sets,
darkness falls over me,
surrounds me,
I stare into the nothing.
my thoughts run crazy
like raindrops on a windshield
at eighty miles per hour,
focus is never accomplished.
my only solace is the pillow
in which I lay my head.
tears do not fall,
fears consume all.
love, addicted
you appear,
your soft lips whisper in my ear
“I love you”
wrapped in your arms
forever after,
my heart beats as if for the first time
I truly smile
this is it.
I awake.
everyday the sun rises,
I yearn for you
I dream of you…
love, addicted
never experienced



Sometimes I need to just express myself. I decided to create a poetry category, so whenever I feel inspired to write, this is where they will be kept. My writing style is me just letting go. I let the words tell the story, I let my heart create the flow. I hope it can give you meaning as I think about this daily. I hope this is an ok detour off of my blog. I want to keep things interesting. I’m now assuming my love spell didn’t work, they never seem to. A love spell for me only worked once, ten years ago…maybe you only get one shot? Maybe I’ll try harder…

I’m addicted to love, that was the inspiration for this poem. I want you to interpret it the way you feel, but to give you a background on my reasons for it, I don’t believe I have ever experienced true love. I have loved deep in the past, but true love is different… and I want it, I feel like I need it…but i never get it. I usually dream about it nightly, which is the inspiration for the last part. That actually happened.. anyway. I hope you enjoyed it, feedback is always appreciated. I hope this inspires you to open up and let what is inside you out, it is of no use locked inside.

A long time ago I went by the name Cassonian, wanderer of the lost love..and it still holds true. I have this gift to sense what will happen in the ways of love for others, but never myself. I can usually sense pain, even if it is years in the future. People rarely believe me… I can only protect you if you let me. Someone close to me said he would rather experience love in hopes it will be forever even though he might get hurt, rather than to not try at all just to prevent the chance of getting hurt. My protective nature over him wishes he would choose the latter, but my heart connected to him and ultimately would choose the same as he… I’m going to go now. Be kind to people, you never know who is vulnerable and is in need of just a simple smile.



sweet serenity,


Love Attraction Spell

Hey everyone!

 So I wanted to update you on the love spell I recently did. I seem to do these every year, hopeless romantic i guess. I still haven’t found the “right” one though. This time I did some research to try something new. In a book I found a simple spell to attract a lover, it involves a few herbs and a fire. I put my own twist on it, I will explain in a minute.

 Love spells are really tricky, a lot of people do them wrong. My personal belief is that love spells are meant to attract love, not force someone into something that they don’t want. I will never force magick, especially love magick, onto someone.  Would you really be happy with someone knowing it’s not real? I doubt you could get the same feeling inside, you know, that warm tingly thing…you must know what I mean, I swear I wasn’t just having a stroke….anyway..
Marie Leveau - Voodoo Queen
 Back in the day, a well known voodoo queen named Marie Leveau was the one to go to for all your love spell needs. A simple spell she used was asking her female client to bring the glove of the man she wished to bewitch. Marie would fill it with sugar and honey to sweeten him, then a dash of steel powder acting as the magickal catalyst to “seal” the deal. The woman had to then sleep with this under her bed…Not a good idea in a bug heavy area like Louisiana, but hey, if it worked!

 My Love attraction spell was quite simple as well. As stated above, it involved a fire, three herbs and a simple incantation. I wanted to amp it up a little bit though. The herbs I chose were lavender, jasmine and rosemary. These three herbs are notorious for work with love spells. The great thing about lavender is I used to use it a lot starting out, so the smell always reminds me of spells and magick.

 I wanted an extra boost of power. I developed a personal attraction potion. The purpose of its use was to aid in attracting whatever you wish, mixed with certain ingredients or objects would get the desired effect. Attraction PotionLike dressing a green candle with it, and burning that candle surrounded by skullcap and coins would attract money to the caster. I will be selling them eventually, but that comes later.

 So I poured some of my potion into the bottom of my cauldron and dropped more on the top of the candle and lit the flame. As the flame was burning I sprinkled on the herbs from above one at a time. I took my lighter and drew the flame into the herbs so they would burn with the candle.

 A lot of witches feel that spells need to be done on certain days and moon phases, I  usually don’t do this, and my spells for love haven’t exactly worked, so this time I figured to give it a shot. The spell calls for it to be cast on sunset on a friday during a waning moon. So at about 5pm I started my spell.

 I wanted to make sure I was protected so I cast a circle of salt around me, as well as wore an amulet of protection around my neck. I lit a white candle next to my cauldron as well. I sat in front of my burning flame and recited the spell.

My true love’s face i’ve yet to see
I know not what his name may be
But soon his heart will beat for me
Come hither my love, so mote it be

 I focused all my energy on picturing a lover with me, the feeling i’d get, the happiness…everything. After, I kept the candle burning, which took a lot longer than I thought it would. I kept my cauldron near the window and waited hours for it to fully burn. It seemed that it was taking a lot longer than normal, this surprised and intrigued me. I had to sleep and the candle was still burning, so I placed it by my bed (making sure nothing around it could be set on fire) and went to sleep. When I awoke I looked inside the cauldron and everything…i mean everything was burned. Not a drop of wax and the herbs were black ash. I took this as a good sign. Never have I had a candle burn 100%.

 So far nothing has happened, but I keep dreaming about having a lover. I will keep everyone posted, but for now nothing has changed. If anyone wants to try this spell, make sure to let me know how it turns out!! I will keep posting experiences and spells and just random things to keep it interesting. See You soon 🙂

sweet serenity,