My name is Derek, as of the time of this post I am 27 years old and live in sunny San Diego, CA. I am a practicing traditional witch. Throughout my life I have always felt a pull towards everything supernatural. It wasn’t until around 1997 that I was introduced into the world of witchcraft. Back then in the area I grew up in, there wasn’t a lot of information to learn. I got my hands on as many books as possible, and a few years later used the internet to do the rest. Like all religions or spiritual callings, witchcraft has brought me peace and hope.

 I will always be learning and practicing the craft. I love learning new things and trying new ideas. I’m an alchemist at heart, so I enjoy mixing different ingredients together to see what power I can get from them. I follow the path of traditional witchcraft. This must not be confused with the popular new age religion known as Wicca. I respect the followings and teachings of wicca but I feel more closely connected to the old ways. I do not believe in white and black magick. I may use the terms for the ease of description, however I believe magick is magick. It’s the intent of the witch that matters. My main goal and specialty is helping others, not hurting them. If the intent is true, so shall the magick come to you.