The Tunnel

How do I find a way out of the darkness when there’s no light at the end of my tunnel?

Spending years rushing madly through the corridor, tripping over obstacles, slamming into walls.

I find it more and more difficult to pick myself up and continue on, my body is bruised and broken.

My spirit drained of life, the air is thick, heavy and the harder I breathe the less I can take.

When does it end, where does it end? Why can I not find my light? If only it were quiet, so I could hear my thoughts. I’ve never lied to myself before.

Waves crashing, cars smashing into one another, screams of weeping strangers clouding my thoughts.

Like sharp metal claws scorched black by the flames of pain my past latches on to me. A decade lies in waste and the only thing I can see in this perpetual darkness.

Each year adding a weight of regret and mistakes to my frail legs and tired arms.

Just let me rest…

sweet serenity,