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Hello everyone! I really wanted to write a quick movie review of this movie, Beautiful Creatures. When I saw the trailer I was hooked and completely excited for it to come out. Anything that explores magick in a more adult way really intrigues me. I had not read the books due to the fact that i’m not much of a reader. I enjoy movie remakes of books (when done well) so I feel like I get the story without trying to force myself into reading.

I waited anxiously for reviews to come out for the movie, just HOPING they were good. They kept comparing the movie to Twilight, which really scared me because I absolutely hated those movies. (sorry twihards) I was really thinking this movie could stray away from twilight’s 13 year old fangirl following. Then I started reading the reviews….my heart sank…I finally watched it, and here’s what I thought.


So I’ll tell you why. The beginning was quite slow, but rushed at the same time, I know that sounds odd but that is what I felt. The main character’s accent really bothered me for some reason. The dreaming of a girl and having her show up was not too original, but I didn’t mind it in the “love story” sense. What really bothered me is how quickly they fell “in love” what was it, 10 minutes? This kid has never heard of this type of magick, and the entire rest of the town were afraid of “those people” but when he was introduced to her gift he was only shocked for 2 minutes, then BAM “omg you’re so great, I love you again”. There was absolutely NO development what so ever! Let alone the fact that the two main characters weren’t that great of actors, not bad though.

The part about the locket really confused me and I don’t believe they explained it well at all, anyway..we get into the meat of the movie and are introduced to more characters. The best and most under utilized character? Ridley. First of all Emmy Rossum nailed that character, but here’s the problem…SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!! Lets go to the family meal “fight”. They keep saying that lena will be, key phrase, the strongest out of them all once she is claimed. They go the whole movie saying she can’t control her powers. Oh really? She seems to have complete control the ENTIRE time. So she throws a temper tantrum and big things happen…when she tries she controls whatever she wants, but in the scene she spins the room and the table when she’s pissed off at Ridley and the bitch just stands there yelling at her…why aren’t you doing anything? Do you have ANY power? Did the book have this scene the same way where Lena just schooled Ridley? The effects were great, but the scene was boring, especially with the introduction of a bunch of characters the movie clearly cares nothing about. Then poof, you don’t see ridley again utnil the end of the movie…LAME.

As I write this I can’t even remember half of what happened, so you can see how memorable it was. The next character I want to talk about is Sarafine, the most powerful dark caster ever….really? Are you sure about that? I’m pretty sure she didn’t do shit and Lena, again was stronger before she was claimed by binding the house.. The book HAD to have done more with Sarafine than the movie did…also side note, Emma Thompson was amazing as usual.

The movie really picked up near the end and I felt myself enjoying it. There were unexplained boring parts about finding out what the curse was and blah blah blah. I really don’t want to ruin anything just in case some of you want to still watch it but I feel the end was anticlimactic, I know they were basing it off a book that has a series but you can still do something huge and have some sort of closure or keep the viewer interested. This movie didn’t succeed at either.

So to end, Lena was too strong, her character didn’t develop at all. The love story was too rushed and forced. The supportive cast held the movie together as the leads were lackluster. The special effects were done fairly well and the dark tone was appreciated, however the lighting was severely underwhelming and didn’t seem to have much focus at all, some scenes felt cheap and badly directed. The emotion wasn’t there when it was supposed to be which made the sacrifices feel in vain. The last “battle” was too easy.

I give this movie…


2.5 D~Magick’s out of 5

Thank you for reading my rant about this movie! Like, comment, I’d love to hear from you, what did you think? I’ll Talk to you soon!

sweet serenity,