Hello Everyone


I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging again, I just wish I had the time and the ideas to keep this going. When it comes to witchcraft, it’s not as exciting as it is on TV. I guess that is a good thing. I have a few ideas for blog posts so hopefully I will get my thoughts together and get on them soon. I need to cast something as well.

My love spells have all unfortunately…not gone as planned. There is something I’m missing. I thought that when I personally cast them on myself, my focus isn’t as direct as one needs to perform these spells. I’ve had many people attracted to me, some didn’t even know why but the feeling was there, I felt it too….the problem you ask? They weren’t available, not a single one. “If my current relationship doesn’t work out, I would love to be with you” well that’s just great. I had this idea to ask my other witchy friend to cast one on me, see what that does. Maybe if someone else does it, and I don’t think about it, it won’t get all messed up this time. We’ll see how it goes.

Let’s see, what else…OH I tried to grow belladonna…nope hahaha I never did have a green thumb, sad.

One final thing, for all my water signs out there, make sure you are re-energizing yourself often with water. I was in a pool yesterday and just slowly swam back and forth with my ears underwater and it was the best feeling I’ve had in a very long time. Water creates energy and you can absorb it when you focus. I know this will be difficult for some of you on the east coast, but anytime you can, go to a large body of water, a pool, heck maybe take a slightly longer shower…but just don’t forget that it’s a large energy source for us, when you are feeling drained, it really helps…trust me!



I’ll blog again soon, with important stuff.

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sweet serenity,