Greetings to all my readers!

I was inspired to write another poem. I had forgotten how amazing it feels to just get the words down. What I like to do when I write is just let words flow…sometimes I have an idea of where I want to poem to go…but..there are times (like tonight) that it just goes where it wants to, and I let it happen haha.

This is called you aren’t the one. There are always people in your life that you fall for, but you know deep down inside that they aren’t right for you. They don’t feel for you as you do for them, sometimes it is like they don’t even care about you at all. It may feel this way, but sometimes that isn’t true. They just don’t care for you like you want them to. It hurts…trust me I know, but usually it is for the best.

My writing style is a little…erratic? maybe? I didn’t want to say crazy, but some lines have the “wtf” moment I’m sure…but it is. I hope you enjoy!


You Aren’t The One

with all the lives, the eyes around me
still you don’t see, still you don’t care
as if to bear the pain you stare
right through me
you look right through me, not to me
I have a voice, it speaks so loudly
but still you don’t hear, why don’t you hear
is it the fear that you hold near?
The words I express all end in a mess
if only I could feel inside what is real
with all the pain like a stain on my shirt
I wish you could see, In the night, I’m your light
I try to cleanse my soul as I write
but these words are rotten
and will soon be forgotten
just your eyes had begun my demise
my heart fell before I could catch it
broken on the wooden floor it lays
and there it stays
for an eternity of days
until the one comes near to snatch it

I’m really hoping it conveys my feelings. If you want further explanation feel free to ask. I’m glad I got this one out there. My next blog will be on a healing spell I created. I haven’t gotten to use it yet so I really need the feedback. Stay strong readers…

sweet serenity,