Love, Addicted

love, addicted
never experienced
I yearn for you
I dream for you
I desperately seek you.
everyday the sun sets,
darkness falls over me,
surrounds me,
I stare into the nothing.
my thoughts run crazy
like raindrops on a windshield
at eighty miles per hour,
focus is never accomplished.
my only solace is the pillow
in which I lay my head.
tears do not fall,
fears consume all.
love, addicted
you appear,
your soft lips whisper in my ear
“I love you”
wrapped in your arms
forever after,
my heart beats as if for the first time
I truly smile
this is it.
I awake.
everyday the sun rises,
I yearn for you
I dream of you…
love, addicted
never experienced



Sometimes I need to just express myself. I decided to create a poetry category, so whenever I feel inspired to write, this is where they will be kept. My writing style is me just letting go. I let the words tell the story, I let my heart create the flow. I hope it can give you meaning as I think about this daily. I hope this is an ok detour off of my blog. I want to keep things interesting. I’m now assuming my love spell didn’t work, they never seem to. A love spell for me only worked once, ten years ago…maybe you only get one shot? Maybe I’ll try harder…

I’m addicted to love, that was the inspiration for this poem. I want you to interpret it the way you feel, but to give you a background on my reasons for it, I don’t believe I have ever experienced true love. I have loved deep in the past, but true love is different… and I want it, I feel like I need it…but i never get it. I usually dream about it nightly, which is the inspiration for the last part. That actually happened.. anyway. I hope you enjoyed it, feedback is always appreciated. I hope this inspires you to open up and let what is inside you out, it is of no use locked inside.

A long time ago I went by the name Cassonian, wanderer of the lost love..and it still holds true. I have this gift to sense what will happen in the ways of love for others, but never myself. I can usually sense pain, even if it is years in the future. People rarely believe me… I can only protect you if you let me. Someone close to me said he would rather experience love in hopes it will be forever even though he might get hurt, rather than to not try at all just to prevent the chance of getting hurt. My protective nature over him wishes he would choose the latter, but my heart connected to him and ultimately would choose the same as he… I’m going to go now. Be kind to people, you never know who is vulnerable and is in need of just a simple smile.



sweet serenity,