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“The House” – A DMagick Photo

The House

The house photo taken by derek tovar

©Derek Tovar 2012

This is the beginning of a new section of this blog, photography. Sometimes I get inspired to take pictures and then manipulate them into art pieces. This is a house I found in Ocean Beach here in San Diego, and I thought how cool it would look if I took it to a darker place. I removed the background, and put an HDR Toning on it. I desaturated most of the color and put ominous clouds in the back of it. Then I manipulated the pixels to make it look more like an oil painting.

Let me know what you think! 🙂

sweet serenity,



A Spell of Healing

Brightest Blessings My Readers

I hope you have enjoyed my writings added to my poetry section. I’m trying to keep this blog updated and interesting. Today’s blog is about a Healing Spell I recently created. A friend of mine has been very sick so I wanted to help him out. Unfortunately he doesn’t believe in magick and didn’t feel comfortable with me trying to use it to help him out. If any of you try it, I would love feedback.

Healing spells are used to speed up the healing process and should never replace medical care. I designed this spell to pull the sickness out of the person and into the ground to be cleansed. You ready? I am! haha here we go

Healing Spell


Hematite Stone

2pts eucalyptus
2pts sage
1pts garlic
3ps chamomile
1pts vervain
1pts carnation


The Spell:

Have the person drink the potion you create from the ingredients. Take the hematite stone and place it on their chest. Visualize the dark sickness pulling out of the body and into the stone and call upon Hecate


Dea Hecate! Audire verba! Adiuvare me panaces!

(Day-ya Hay-kah-tay! Awe-deer-eh Vere-bah! Awe-dee-ou-var-ray May Pah-nah-kess!)


After casting the spell, look deep into their eyes and push the sickness into their chest, and then into the stone. Slowly pull the stone away from their chest and feel the dark sickness emerging from the body being pulled by the stone. Picture the stone as having a hand reaching into their body and pulling the sickness into it.

Once you feel the sickness go into the stone, bury it in the earth for 7 days. The sickness will be taken by the earth and the stone will be cleansed.


After the 7 days you can then reuse the stone as needed. The sickness will be flowed from the body, into the stone, then into the earth. I hope this spell will help anyone who reads it. I love feedback. If anyone uses this spell, please let me know. Happy Healing…



sweet serenity,


You Aren’t The One – A DMagick Poem

Greetings to all my readers!

I was inspired to write another poem. I had forgotten how amazing it feels to just get the words down. What I like to do when I write is just let words flow…sometimes I have an idea of where I want to poem to go…but..there are times (like tonight) that it just goes where it wants to, and I let it happen haha.

This is called you aren’t the one. There are always people in your life that you fall for, but you know deep down inside that they aren’t right for you. They don’t feel for you as you do for them, sometimes it is like they don’t even care about you at all. It may feel this way, but sometimes that isn’t true. They just don’t care for you like you want them to. It hurts…trust me I know, but usually it is for the best.

My writing style is a little…erratic? maybe? I didn’t want to say crazy, but some lines have the “wtf” moment I’m sure…but it is. I hope you enjoy!


You Aren’t The One

with all the lives, the eyes around me
still you don’t see, still you don’t care
as if to bear the pain you stare
right through me
you look right through me, not to me
I have a voice, it speaks so loudly
but still you don’t hear, why don’t you hear
is it the fear that you hold near?
The words I express all end in a mess
if only I could feel inside what is real
with all the pain like a stain on my shirt
I wish you could see, In the night, I’m your light
I try to cleanse my soul as I write
but these words are rotten
and will soon be forgotten
just your eyes had begun my demise
my heart fell before I could catch it
broken on the wooden floor it lays
and there it stays
for an eternity of days
until the one comes near to snatch it

I’m really hoping it conveys my feelings. If you want further explanation feel free to ask. I’m glad I got this one out there. My next blog will be on a healing spell I created. I haven’t gotten to use it yet so I really need the feedback. Stay strong readers…

sweet serenity,


Hey Witches!

Ok, so you made it past valentine’s day… Thank the Gods. I had a pretty good day, I spent it with someone I care very much for, unfortunately this person can never truly love me (equipment difference issues). BUT IT’S OK!! ..mostly. Anyway… in lieu of valentine’s day…the love-liest day of the year, I’m going to give a couple new love spells. These are different though. Sometimes I like to think if I were a witch of the past, what kind of spells would I create.

Thinking back in the old ways when there weren’t rules or consequences, people used their resources to the fullest, sometimes with no remorse whatsoever. I will say again that these spells aren’t meant to actually be cast, I’m sure someone still will…but please… I don’t condone control spells. I don’t feel you should force love, it won’t feel right. This is for pure educational and entertainment purposes! I took these from my soon (hopefully soon) to be released digital grimoire, or printed grimoire…oh who the hell knows. This will be in the Darker Spells section.

Be mine love potion

So this is my version of a Love Potion for control magick. Obviously this potion is designed to turn a lover to you, no matter how they feel. I don’t believe in this sort of magick…I know I’ve said this too many times, but I want to make sure that…well I think it’s wrong. Is it possible? yes, but it shouldn’t be used. Every powerful spell like this needs a catalyst, something to bind the energies together. This is why I used witch’s fingernails. The fingernail would hold the same mystic energy the witch does, so even if you aren’t a witch, you could get the nails of one to use in the potion and still be able to use it. Everyone has magick within them, it’s all about learning how to use it.

Next we have one of the darkest spells I’ve ever written. I pictured myself as an old witch living in a hut in the woods, and a desperate person came to me, begging me for a love spell to bewitch the person they desire. I caution them against it as it isn’t true love that will come of it…but they don’t care and throw money on the table.

I go to the back of the room to a bird cage and gently remove one of the pure white doves. Holding it in my arms I wave my hand over it’s head and say a prayer. From my belt i slowly slide out my ritual knife and quickly jab it directly into the bird’s heart. I take it over to a vial and drain the blood into it. Grabbing my quill I dip it into the blood, I write down the incantation for my client to speak.

Forever Love Spell page by Derek Tovar

I wonder if spells like these would still be cast to this day. I sure hope not. This to me seems like one of those spells that would take a powerful witch to break, and it would take such greed, pain and an evil heart to use such a spell… I’m actually kind of shaken that I wrote it haha. My friend wanted a scary spell for his prop book on Halloween, so I came up with this.

Let me know what you guys think!! Again, do not use these ok? please? …thank you 🙂

sweet serenity,


Love, Addicted – A DMagick Poem

Love, Addicted

love, addicted
never experienced
I yearn for you
I dream for you
I desperately seek you.
everyday the sun sets,
darkness falls over me,
surrounds me,
I stare into the nothing.
my thoughts run crazy
like raindrops on a windshield
at eighty miles per hour,
focus is never accomplished.
my only solace is the pillow
in which I lay my head.
tears do not fall,
fears consume all.
love, addicted
you appear,
your soft lips whisper in my ear
“I love you”
wrapped in your arms
forever after,
my heart beats as if for the first time
I truly smile
this is it.
I awake.
everyday the sun rises,
I yearn for you
I dream of you…
love, addicted
never experienced



Sometimes I need to just express myself. I decided to create a poetry category, so whenever I feel inspired to write, this is where they will be kept. My writing style is me just letting go. I let the words tell the story, I let my heart create the flow. I hope it can give you meaning as I think about this daily. I hope this is an ok detour off of my blog. I want to keep things interesting. I’m now assuming my love spell didn’t work, they never seem to. A love spell for me only worked once, ten years ago…maybe you only get one shot? Maybe I’ll try harder…

I’m addicted to love, that was the inspiration for this poem. I want you to interpret it the way you feel, but to give you a background on my reasons for it, I don’t believe I have ever experienced true love. I have loved deep in the past, but true love is different… and I want it, I feel like I need it…but i never get it. I usually dream about it nightly, which is the inspiration for the last part. That actually happened.. anyway. I hope you enjoyed it, feedback is always appreciated. I hope this inspires you to open up and let what is inside you out, it is of no use locked inside.

A long time ago I went by the name Cassonian, wanderer of the lost love..and it still holds true. I have this gift to sense what will happen in the ways of love for others, but never myself. I can usually sense pain, even if it is years in the future. People rarely believe me… I can only protect you if you let me. Someone close to me said he would rather experience love in hopes it will be forever even though he might get hurt, rather than to not try at all just to prevent the chance of getting hurt. My protective nature over him wishes he would choose the latter, but my heart connected to him and ultimately would choose the same as he… I’m going to go now. Be kind to people, you never know who is vulnerable and is in need of just a simple smile.



sweet serenity,


Banishment – I Cast Thee Away

Hello to all my fellow conjure folk!

My next blog, as promised, is on Banishment. In a previous blog I spoke of contacting the other side being dangerous because anything can come through the portal you open and attach itself to you. So I wanted to update with a few ways to banish evil or malevolent spirits away.

First I wanted to state a spell written in Latin to banish a spirit. Make sure to wear a protection amulet when trying any type of banishment spell. A silver pentagram, a charged tiger’s eye, or for those born under the moon, a moonstone. Stand strong, you have to show your dominance, this is your space, not theirs. Cast a protective circle around you, draw in energy and surround yourself with pure white light. Ready? Alright, here we go.

Jam tibi impero et præcipio maligne spiritus! ut confestim allata et circulo discedas, absque omni strepito, terrore, clamore et foetore, asque sine omni damno mei tam animæ quam corporis, absque omni læsione cujuscunque creaturæ vel rei; et ad locum a justissimo tibi deputatum in momento et ictu oculi abeas; et hinc proripias.

which roughly translates to..

Now I command and charge you, O evil spirit! That you immediately depart from the circle, abstaining from all noise, terror, tumult, and stench, and if you refuse I will damn you both in body and soul. And abstain from harming any creature or thing, and depart immediately to the place which justice has appointed for you. Depart from my sight and flee from here.

So now you may ask yourself…I don’t know how to speak latin, what am I going to do? There has been a debate about this over many chat rooms and forums i’ve come across. One side says Latin was the first spoken language of magick so it holds more power, others say “if you don’t know what you’re saying, how will it hold power”. Here’s my thoughts, when you speak these words, there is this vibration you feel inside you. I feel the words hold such power, but you must understand the meaning. You should not cast a spell in Latin unless you understand it completely!

I also found a screenshot of the Charmed Book of Shadows, just something fun to throw in here. The spell itself doesn’t seem to have any trace of actual witchcraft, the ingredients don’t scream out “banishment” to me, and it would be difficult to pour the mixture over the ghost’s bones, especially if you don’t know who the ghost is. You can also click the picture to see the larger version so you can physically read it. I’ve said before that I love charmed, it’s a fun escape into a fictional world of witches. I just wish it was more deep rooted in actual witchcraft. Still a good show to watch though! The only downfall is it sparked a lot of “interest” in witchcraft for all the wrong reasons, but hopefully a few of you out there who got involved with witchcraft because of charmed actually study and learn actual traditions, and not what I call “poof” magick. If only I could point and shoot…Sabrina the teenage witch anyone? …oh yea

Ok, back to a serious note. These next few items are taken from a nice book written by Gerina Dunwich called “A Witch’s Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural“. Some really good information on spirits, conjure and banishment.

Protection Mojo

This is from a traditional Hoodoo practitioner to guard against evil spirits. It is said to carry a white or blue mojo, or charm bag filled with fennel seeds, dried beans, Blue Mojo Bagdevil pods (these can be found at any hoodoo/voodoo dealer and online, sometimes referred to as “bat nut” or “goat head”), mistletoe, or the roots belonging to any of the following plants: angelica, devil’s shoestring, orris, or peony. It also says to keep the power strong, anoint the mojo every other day with three drops of angelica or Saint John’s Wort essential oils. Those two plants are said to ward off evil spirits in the Hoodoo tradition.

Protection Amulets

As stated before there are a few amulets to protect against evil spirits, I will list a few of them here.

Silver Pentagram

The pentagram is a long standing traditional protective amulet in the witch community, these should always be kept around. Making it silver protects against malevolent spirits.


Silver Cross

The silver cross has been dubbed one of the oldest of amulets belonging to Europe Pagans and Western Chinese cultures. The amulet was used to ward off evil spirits and demons. Christians adapted the symbol in the 4th century.




Said to be the most powerful of all the natural amulets (created by Mother Nature). One of its many powers is to protect against evil spirits. If you need a catch-all protection amulet, this would be the best of the three.



If you are interested in the pendants, each picture leads to the link to purchase.

Black Salt

Black ritual salt is widely used to repel negative energy. Some say that if any person walks upon black salt you have scattered on the ground, they will feel uneasy and will want to leave the area immediately. Using the Black Salt in a spirit banish ritual would give it just a little extra oomph. Black salt is also used to remove jinxes. I have personally used it to stop gossip, it was the catalyst to banish the negative energy. Worked like a charm (ba dum chhhhhhh). I have found a lot of stores online just dye table salt black and POOF you have black salt…tsk tsk lazy witches…Black salt is made from the scrapings from the bottom of your cauldron mixed with salt. The cauldron should have some charred herbs or charcoal, maybe some iron scrapings will come off, so mixing that with salt, is what makes it black. I would hope that ritual stores make this correctly, but you really have to make sure before you purchase. Once my online store is up, I will be selling authentic black salt, I have a good amount already but I need to scrape my cauldron a little more.

Finally I wanted to end with another banishment spell. There is an old Latin saying for banishing someone, roughly translates to forbidding them from fire and water. I figured I could spin this into a spell to banish someone you do not want around you. Now, I would use this wisely. With enough power this spell could banish this person from being around you for a very long time. All you will need is some black salt, good thing I just told you about it right? I know, I’m so nice and organized. Also, if you can, it’d be good to get a picture of the person or something of theirs you can focus your energy on. Casting this spell on something like a necklace or ring they would wear would give it extra power.

Lay the item on your altar and prepare yourself for the spell. Focus all your energy on the item, and focus that person leaving you alone. Picture that person in front of you, then just walking away. Take some of the black salt and start throwing it on the item while saying:

aqua et igni interdicere homini

(ah-kwa eht eeg-knee in-tare-dee-chair-eh oh-mee-knee)

Repeat the spell as you throw more black salt onto the item. Once you feel you have charged the item enough, the spell is done. If you used a picture, burn it and throw the ashes off of your property, in flowing water would be great. If you used an item, give it back to them. Every time they are around you they should feel this urge to not be there. Let me know if someone tries this, I would love feedback.

Well everyone, this was a LONG post, so I hope you were able to get through it. Sorry it took me so long to post. I will try to think of more exciting informative blogs to post. Happy Casting!

sweet serenity,