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SO it’s time for a new blog. I’ve been trying to find good websites or books on actual traditional witchcraft. Who would have thought it would be so difficult? Traditional witchcraft is a very secretive organization, which is great…but…also extremely difficult to keep going. I wasn’t blessed with any craft traditions being passed down in my family. The only gifts in my family tree are the gifts of intuition and self awareness.

A lot of websites I have come across boast about “traditional witchcraft”, “the old ways” or “not fluffy”; however if you REALLY look through it, and look at the teachings or spells, it really just seems like wiccans who wear a lot of black and try to be cooler than the other wiccans. To each their own, I don’t mind. I respect the wiccan religion and all who study the craft, but if you want to claim  yourself as a traditional witch, you must understand the differences. I will explain a major one.

Grimoire vs Book of Shadows

This is one I didn’t even find out until recently. I know…great research I must have done. Wiccans use the “Book of Shadows” as the holder of their rituals, spells and information for the craft in which they practice. As seen in the image to the right, this is one of the first Book of Shadows written by Gerald Gardner, the founder of Wicca. There are many similarities to the two books. Which is why I feel I never truly knew the difference. Throughout my journey of self tradition, I used the two words for the sacred books interchangeably. In fact, my personal book has Book of Shadows, and my first website about witchcraft has grimoire…hmm.

The Grimoire, from my understanding, is more like a family’s traditions in the form of instruction. So when the tradition is being passed down, this book would be given as a manual to the craft. Though each tradition in the “old ways” is quite different. It generally depended on the family. The word Grimoire is said to be a generalized term of the book also, I read that the real name of these books remained secret. Some families even kept instruction in one book, and spells in another. The idea of the Grimoire also reminds me of The Secret Circle. In the books/tv show each family had a specific book, often written in “code” so only those in the family could decipher it. In the show they call it a Book of Shadows, however if the writer did more research it would have been obvious that it was more of a grimoire.

As I learn more about the craft, I will uncover more secrets and differences and post them here. I’m thinking about acquiring the book The Witching Way of Hollow Hill From my research, this seems to be a book that focuses more on traditional craft. It’s not a heavily printed book so that makes me trust it a bit more. If I acquire it I will blog about it. Are there any other traditional craft books that could be recommended? I appreciate the input. I just pray that one day I could find someone to help me along the path. If not, I’m ok being solitary, easier to keep secrets if no one knows about you right? I will end this blog now and hope I have given some insight. More to come, i promise…

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