Welcome to Derek’s Magick!

 Many kind greetings to anyone reading this. You must know that it means a lot to me. The purpose of this blog is to document my journey in the craft. I want to share my experiences. I value input, feedback and guidance on this path as well. I hope for positivity, but I know I will come to bear negativity as well. If you would like to know a little more about me, you can read my About Page for more details, or just ask me.  I will try to update with interesting informative articles….or just plain crap, we’ll soon find out won’t we?

 So I’m sure I’ll get asked “Hey Derek, what’s with your incomplete pentagram?” …WELL I’ll tell you! first, lets see if I can post a picture….

 There we go! This is my symbol, yes it does look like an “incomplete” pentagram. The point behind this was to symbolize that my journey will never be “complete”. Also, it is closely related to the letter A, symbolizing the beginning. So this icon of mine is the idea of the beginning of a journey in the craft. I’m also a graphic designer, so those who are interested, I created this in Adobe Illustrator, great for vector images.

 Ok so here ends the first post. What do you think of my icon? How was the first post? Will I have more than 2 people read this? I recently did a love spell, details to come! stay in touch!


sweet serenity,