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Ok I need to write this… A lot of people have come to the blog previous to this called “the witch itch” because they searched for “spells to make someone itch“. This disturbs me… Everyone has a right to practice the way they want to practice, but it just bothers me that those are the search terms that bring people to my blog. I wrote this to blog to document my ways in the craft, to teach, and to learn. Not to teach people how to use torturous dark magick. Could I create a spell like that? of course. Would I? no. If someone deserves any type of dark magick sent to them for causing pain themselves, I understand that, but a curse to make someone itch just sounds like some young kid thinking it would be funny. So if you are searching for that, please rethink your actions. Magick is not used to “have fun” or to “see what you can do”. Magick is a special, personal gift used to aid in your life.

If you are looking for an itch spell, please look elsewhere…but, if you are looking to learn the craft..the REAL craft, follow my blog and I will try to help you stray away from what the media, or television/movies makes you think witchcraft is.

I’m sorry to rant, but I was just really upset. My banishment blog will be coming shortly, i have lots of information to share!!

happy casting

sweet serenity,



The Witch Itch – And Magicks of Old

Why hello fellow readers!

I’m not getting a lot of readers to my blog, which is ok of course, but I figure if I just keep on truckin’ that I will eventually get some fans…hopefully anyway. So I’m going to write a random blog, under the random category. For pure entertainment value if nothing else. Those of you who do read my blog, I thank you! Please enjoy!

So the topic of this blog is The Witch Itch. Any witches out there probably know what i’m talking about before I even explain it in this blog. The itch is that feeling you get inside when you haven’t done magick in a while. The time when your energy gets built up with no release. I do suggest trying to release it in some way, a simple blessing, divination..anything. Magick that gets pent up can come out in odd powerful spurts…I honestly didn’t mean for that curse to be so strong, or maybe I did…anyway. Normally this forming energy would be used for a powerful ritual from the old ways. Practitioners would spend weeks or months summoning the energy needed to evoke the divine. To be the keeper of such power, such control would be a monumental feat, something I could only imagine.

I often wonder what it was like for the witches of times lost. I was speaking with a friend and we both came up with the same conclusion about magick and the old ways. Something happened in the past that isn’t on record. Real magick escaped the world some how. I personally feel there is this block that we witches cannot tap into. In today’s modern world, magick doesn’t serve a need as it once did, so that block has never been broken. We can do simple spells, enchantments, magick that makes sense, but true power lies beyond the veil of this plane. A place I have only seen while asleep.

I often dream of what I perceive the old days to be. Once I was fighting a fire demon. This bright red being flying in the air, there was nothing around me but a darkened dirty field. I had two people with me I was trying to protect. Bright yellow balls of light would fly out of my hands as I screamed the spell in a language unknown. I would not let the demon take those from whom I protected. I knew I was running out of energy, with every spell i cast, my power grew weaker against the demon. Unfortunately the dream faded after my power had run out. I do not know what happened next. These dreams are uncommon, but they still happen. Is it just my avid imagination, or is it a glimpse of the past? Who knows honestly.

I wake up trying to remember the spells I spoke in the dream, but for some reason, they instantly escape me. I can remember casting them, but never the words. Magick, like any other gift should be used properly. If every time I got the itch, I cast…well then I’d be in a big ol’ mess. People would have curses on them, I would have crazy lovers coming after my heart (well if one of my love spells ever worked). I bet I’d even call a storm on accident…again.

As I write this blog, I currently have The Witch Itch and I’m not entirely sure what I want to do about it. There are a few friends of mine who need protection spells, but they are both so busy, It’s difficult to get in touch. There are people out there who abuse power and it is very unfortunate. Both of my friends have come in contact with “witches” who contact the other side. It is from my understanding that once you open that gate from the other world, anything can come through and attach itself to you, so only those strong enough and protected enough can achieve the connection correctly. Does anyone know about summoning spirits? I would love to be educated. My next blog will probably be on banishing a spirit, I believe I have a Latin banishing spell. I also have discovered a banish for people in Latin that can be also spun into magick. I might even write it after this blog. Stay tuned my gentle readers.

sweet serenity,


Greetings all!

 A friend of mind and I were talking and it started up an idea for a new blog. I was explaining to her that there really isn’t white or black magick, it all falls into the intent of the witch. If you really observe certain people you can kind of tell what energy they give off, well if you’re a witch anyway. There is always a balance to life, without evil there cannot be good, without dark there cannot be light. So the question remains, where do you fall?

Light/Dark Cross

 I created this cross image to illustrate the different energies one relates to. The full theory can be found in "Nocturnal Witchcraft" by Konstantinos. Interesting book for those who find themselves in the darker side of the cross, but let me explain.

 As you can see, the center beam has Light at the top and Dark at the bottom. Each of us follow one of these energy alignments. You might ask though, where does the good and evil come in when light and dark says it all? Great question, but wrong thinking! Looking at the horizontal beam, you can see Evil on the left and Good on the right. the reason for the cross structure is to use a sort of grid in order to “plot” our magickal path. See what I did there? I used a math term as a double entendre…NERD! (awesome nerd) …ANYWAY, looking at the circle behind the cross helps illustrate the meanings behind each of the four corners.

 Now we see there is more than just light and dark, and more than just good and evil. The four paths are:


If you really pay attention to people, you will start to see the differences. Personally I am Dark/Good. I do not wish harm onto anyone unless said person brings harm to them-self. I enjoy night as opposed to day, I have a dry sense of humor, I curse those that wrong me, this is my dark side. My light side brings my ability to heal people, I have strong compassion for living beings, I have a big heart, and I help anyone who asks, within reason of course.

 If you are a little confused, let me try to nudge you into the right direction, try to have you understand how to spot the different paths. Lets take for instance Kristin Chenoweth, Glinda from Wicked (amazing btw). Just looking at her, hearing her talk…all you have to do is look into her eyes and this beam of light shoots out. You can feel her heart, and you can see there is NOTHING dark or evil about that woman. Her path would be Light/Good. Another example would be Agelina Jolie. This one should be a little easier to understand, especially when she used to wear blood around her neck. Girl is freaky, but is she evil? Not even the slightest. You can tell that she has darkness within her, but she has this amazing good side to her. Just in her smile alone you should be able to feel this warm energy. Let alone all her work over seas. She is a wonderful, yet dark person. Did that help? I hope it did.

 But what about the other side? Dark/Evil is kind of obvious, but what is Light/Evil. Great question! You are so smart. Light/Evil is quite complicated and is rare. These people use the guise of lightness to either do evil things, or get people to do evil things. They prey on those not educated to what I’m explaining here. “Well if she follows the light, she can’t be evil”. I feel pretty, oh so prettyIf only that were true. Konstantinos uses a great example in his book. He speaks of religious extremists, like those behind “God Hates Fags”. What was her name? The really ugly woman with the horrible hair…AH Shirley Phelps-Roper…that’s the bitch’s name. So she’s a great example, she uses her religion as a means to attack and hurt people. She scares people into thinking that their God is this horrible, spiteful, vengeful being who will destroy their soul if they don’t believe the “correct” things. Even if I were christian, there is no way I’d believe that. Thankfully, the Goddess, or natural energy being wants only balance in the world.

 Random example, did anyone see the Charmed where darkness/evil was banished from the world, and Phoebe got shot because she blocked her neighbor in her driveway? That, right there…perfect example of the balance of good and evil and how we need it to survive. Thank you charmed, you messed up a lot about witchcraft (though i still love you), but at least ya got some things right!

 I think i’m going to end it here, I didn’t even realize how long it was, don’t want to bore you readers to death! Thank you again for your continued support though this, any questions and comments are appreciated. I still haven’t gotten that book on traditional witchcraft I ordered, but once I do, i’ll make sure to blog about it!

sweet serenity,


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Greetings All!

SO it’s time for a new blog. I’ve been trying to find good websites or books on actual traditional witchcraft. Who would have thought it would be so difficult? Traditional witchcraft is a very secretive organization, which is great…but…also extremely difficult to keep going. I wasn’t blessed with any craft traditions being passed down in my family. The only gifts in my family tree are the gifts of intuition and self awareness.

A lot of websites I have come across boast about “traditional witchcraft”, “the old ways” or “not fluffy”; however if you REALLY look through it, and look at the teachings or spells, it really just seems like wiccans who wear a lot of black and try to be cooler than the other wiccans. To each their own, I don’t mind. I respect the wiccan religion and all who study the craft, but if you want to claim  yourself as a traditional witch, you must understand the differences. I will explain a major one.

Grimoire vs Book of Shadows

This is one I didn’t even find out until recently. I know…great research I must have done. Wiccans use the “Book of Shadows” as the holder of their rituals, spells and information for the craft in which they practice. As seen in the image to the right, this is one of the first Book of Shadows written by Gerald Gardner, the founder of Wicca. There are many similarities to the two books. Which is why I feel I never truly knew the difference. Throughout my journey of self tradition, I used the two words for the sacred books interchangeably. In fact, my personal book has Book of Shadows, and my first website about witchcraft has grimoire…hmm.

The Grimoire, from my understanding, is more like a family’s traditions in the form of instruction. So when the tradition is being passed down, this book would be given as a manual to the craft. Though each tradition in the “old ways” is quite different. It generally depended on the family. The word Grimoire is said to be a generalized term of the book also, I read that the real name of these books remained secret. Some families even kept instruction in one book, and spells in another. The idea of the Grimoire also reminds me of The Secret Circle. In the books/tv show each family had a specific book, often written in “code” so only those in the family could decipher it. In the show they call it a Book of Shadows, however if the writer did more research it would have been obvious that it was more of a grimoire.

As I learn more about the craft, I will uncover more secrets and differences and post them here. I’m thinking about acquiring the book The Witching Way of Hollow Hill From my research, this seems to be a book that focuses more on traditional craft. It’s not a heavily printed book so that makes me trust it a bit more. If I acquire it I will blog about it. Are there any other traditional craft books that could be recommended? I appreciate the input. I just pray that one day I could find someone to help me along the path. If not, I’m ok being solitary, easier to keep secrets if no one knows about you right? I will end this blog now and hope I have given some insight. More to come, i promise…

sweet serenity,


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Love Attraction Spell

Hey everyone!

 So I wanted to update you on the love spell I recently did. I seem to do these every year, hopeless romantic i guess. I still haven’t found the “right” one though. This time I did some research to try something new. In a book I found a simple spell to attract a lover, it involves a few herbs and a fire. I put my own twist on it, I will explain in a minute.

 Love spells are really tricky, a lot of people do them wrong. My personal belief is that love spells are meant to attract love, not force someone into something that they don’t want. I will never force magick, especially love magick, onto someone.  Would you really be happy with someone knowing it’s not real? I doubt you could get the same feeling inside, you know, that warm tingly thing…you must know what I mean, I swear I wasn’t just having a stroke….anyway..
Marie Leveau - Voodoo Queen
 Back in the day, a well known voodoo queen named Marie Leveau was the one to go to for all your love spell needs. A simple spell she used was asking her female client to bring the glove of the man she wished to bewitch. Marie would fill it with sugar and honey to sweeten him, then a dash of steel powder acting as the magickal catalyst to “seal” the deal. The woman had to then sleep with this under her bed…Not a good idea in a bug heavy area like Louisiana, but hey, if it worked!

 My Love attraction spell was quite simple as well. As stated above, it involved a fire, three herbs and a simple incantation. I wanted to amp it up a little bit though. The herbs I chose were lavender, jasmine and rosemary. These three herbs are notorious for work with love spells. The great thing about lavender is I used to use it a lot starting out, so the smell always reminds me of spells and magick.

 I wanted an extra boost of power. I developed a personal attraction potion. The purpose of its use was to aid in attracting whatever you wish, mixed with certain ingredients or objects would get the desired effect. Attraction PotionLike dressing a green candle with it, and burning that candle surrounded by skullcap and coins would attract money to the caster. I will be selling them eventually, but that comes later.

 So I poured some of my potion into the bottom of my cauldron and dropped more on the top of the candle and lit the flame. As the flame was burning I sprinkled on the herbs from above one at a time. I took my lighter and drew the flame into the herbs so they would burn with the candle.

 A lot of witches feel that spells need to be done on certain days and moon phases, I  usually don’t do this, and my spells for love haven’t exactly worked, so this time I figured to give it a shot. The spell calls for it to be cast on sunset on a friday during a waning moon. So at about 5pm I started my spell.

 I wanted to make sure I was protected so I cast a circle of salt around me, as well as wore an amulet of protection around my neck. I lit a white candle next to my cauldron as well. I sat in front of my burning flame and recited the spell.

My true love’s face i’ve yet to see
I know not what his name may be
But soon his heart will beat for me
Come hither my love, so mote it be

 I focused all my energy on picturing a lover with me, the feeling i’d get, the happiness…everything. After, I kept the candle burning, which took a lot longer than I thought it would. I kept my cauldron near the window and waited hours for it to fully burn. It seemed that it was taking a lot longer than normal, this surprised and intrigued me. I had to sleep and the candle was still burning, so I placed it by my bed (making sure nothing around it could be set on fire) and went to sleep. When I awoke I looked inside the cauldron and everything…i mean everything was burned. Not a drop of wax and the herbs were black ash. I took this as a good sign. Never have I had a candle burn 100%.

 So far nothing has happened, but I keep dreaming about having a lover. I will keep everyone posted, but for now nothing has changed. If anyone wants to try this spell, make sure to let me know how it turns out!! I will keep posting experiences and spells and just random things to keep it interesting. See You soon 🙂

sweet serenity,


Welcome to Derek’s Magick!

 Many kind greetings to anyone reading this. You must know that it means a lot to me. The purpose of this blog is to document my journey in the craft. I want to share my experiences. I value input, feedback and guidance on this path as well. I hope for positivity, but I know I will come to bear negativity as well. If you would like to know a little more about me, you can read my About Page for more details, or just ask me.  I will try to update with interesting informative articles….or just plain crap, we’ll soon find out won’t we?

 So I’m sure I’ll get asked “Hey Derek, what’s with your incomplete pentagram?” …WELL I’ll tell you! first, lets see if I can post a picture….

 There we go! This is my symbol, yes it does look like an “incomplete” pentagram. The point behind this was to symbolize that my journey will never be “complete”. Also, it is closely related to the letter A, symbolizing the beginning. So this icon of mine is the idea of the beginning of a journey in the craft. I’m also a graphic designer, so those who are interested, I created this in Adobe Illustrator, great for vector images.

 Ok so here ends the first post. What do you think of my icon? How was the first post? Will I have more than 2 people read this? I recently did a love spell, details to come! stay in touch!


sweet serenity,